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Katrin Spiegler

"Authentic Loving Original Healing Mindful Sustainable Artistic"
"I met the Alohana Institute and Susanne Rikus six years ago.

Through her competent and experienced therapeutic guidance, she helped me to get to know myself more deeply during this time, to accept and love my different parts in the Ego-State work. She energetically freed me from harmful influences and helped me to protect myself from them.

Through geomancy I also learned to connect with places, to cleanse them and to go into deeper contact. Susanne thus trained my sensitivity on very different levels, making me aware of what I previously only felt as an indeterminate feeling. She expanded my perception and showed me through the work on my body how deeply old injuries were still anchored in me. Her presence, enriched by a variety of experiences, helped me to heal these injuries, to let go of them and now to deal with myself in a much freer and more attentive way. In her loving, affectionate and competent supervision she worked with me hypnosystemically and body oriented. It was and always is a pleasure to have an intense experience and great joy to Susanne, to learn from her deep inner wisdom and to be inspired by her inner images. Thank you!"

Tanya von Zychlinsky
Tanya von - New worlds of design and life | 2016 about the effect of a single Skype session with Susanne Rikus

"Wow, that was pure power! Finding the inner safe place. Live the elemental force. Heal femininity, attract those who are good to her from the heart. True partnership.

Dream journey into the girl. Uplifting experience. Let's keep what I get. Anger as a miracle worker. Sounds like a fairy tale adventure, and it was!

As healing as it is magical.

Susanne's laser-sharp intuition brings powerful integration. Together we have tracked down all the loose threads of partnership and prosperity and woven them into a magic carpet. From "nice nun" I rose like a phoenix from the ashes as a celebrating fire woman. Susanne is like a midwife helping with the newborn."


Dear Susanne
You embody a deep calm in your therapy and that is super wow. When I am with you, I can perceive myself more and more and can also feel the connection to myself, let go, let be, which often moves me.
I can only say that you do me good.
I have become even more in tune in our therapy.
I want to penetrate the superficiality, to listen better, to what I can do with you, to inquire more closely if I don't understand something, what I can do with you, so that I can understand it better and feel and feel it more deeply in me.
You give me all these inner impulses to build up trust in you and myself.
I feel it from you. Thank you very much for the wonderful encounter I always experience with you.
After further sessions she writes:
Through Alohana you get your balance in harmony with yourself. Alohana also connects nature with you, the power of life breaks through and the path of life becomes free.
Alohana also gives the connection to creation and the power and also a deep relaxation and peace feeling in my body.

thank you very much your Heidi

Christina D.
Christina D.

As you said, "We are more than our feelings" so I can tell you: "You are more than a therapist. You're a miracle."

Your words don't just go in the ear, they go under the skin, and they go in the heart. You touch without using your hands. Your absolutely calm, empathic and understanding being is able to identify and name problems, fears, worries and wishes. Within a short time you teach me so much without lecturing me. You show views and thought patterns without imposing them. You release blockages. You make it possible for me to give space to things that burden me and to give space to things that I wish for. So that I manage to see myself in the big picture, in the whole. I'm lucky to have found you as a therapist. You create confidence where there is none, you manage to give one the strength to light a light in the dark. I don't know how you do it. But I know it's special. Like you said, "We're more than our emotions," so I can tell you, "You're more than a therapist. You're a miracle."

Coaching & Hypnosis & Healing Sessions

Life Coaching Sessions for Empowerment

  • 60 minutes Coaching Session
  • Coaching starts by declaring a powerful future. Let us help you realize your business and love goals and achieve success .
  • Raise your self-awareness, gain clarity, set and achieve compelling goals
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Love Coaching Sessions

  • 60 minutes Coaching Session.
  • Let me help you realize your love potential and how to remove old fear and memories. Become ready to a fulfilled relationship.
  • Raise your self-love and finding out your inner structure, achieve compelling goals in a wonderful relationship.
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Hypnosis Sessions

  • 60 minutes Hypnosis Session.
  • We love to help you to let go of your obstacles. You get tools in selfhypnosis to activate your inner healer.
  • You get more confident in self-regulation. You become your inner healer, we work with hypnosis and other methods of your free choice.
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Spiritual Healing

  • 60 minutes Healing Session.
  • Susanne will help you to align your goals with your heart & spirit. As a healer she helps you to let go of obstacles to become successful.
  • You get to know basics in the energetic and spiritual healing work.
  • To establish more resonance and a clear energetic field is a great foundation to more success.
  • Once you have made your purchase simply go to the Bookings page and schedule your session.

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