Here you can find our methods, we use to help you to heal yourself.

Please contact us for your questions and how we can help you.

Alohana Institute offers several techniques and long term experience for you to achieve your goals and for your personal development.

Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an efficient way to get answers to questions that are in our subconsciousness. It can help to regulate sleep disorders, stress, burnout, as well as aggression and addictions and bring about a change in one’s life.

Hypno-Systemic Psychotherapy / Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a great way to access your subconsciousness. This is an ambivalence coaching which brings you more inner peace with two opposites.

EGO-STATE Therapy: “who am I and if so how many?” – work with our inner TEAM

According to Dr. Woltemade Hartman, Milton Erickson Institute in South Africa and Krefeld, from which Susanne has been trained since 2007 and Arndt since 2005.

Ego State Therapy is a wonderful supplement to hypnosis. “Ego States” are our different parts that work consciously and unconsciously in each of us. If we feel ambivalent or even helpless, if our lives are not going to go so well that we feel really happy, Ego State Therapy can be a wonderful way to recognize and strengthen our inner team and turn all of our stakes into a beneficial force. Trauma can be well regulated.

Body Psychotherapeutic Methods SOMA

Experience the potential that is in you! You can learn to see the body, to perceive energy fields, to recognize bonds, to feel the energy balance and to learn to read blockages and potentials! I have worked with this method with hundreds of clients for years. It helps just where it takes months or years to see the system of the family. And to see how we can change something by becoming aware of our unconscious programs.

Solution-, competence- and resource-oriented therapy

Arndt’s teachers, Steve De Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, the World-Famous Founders of this direction, have also worked with our clients over and over again, even in Germany.

The solution of your problem can be found in yourself. 

Systemic Couple Therapy & Family Therapy & Family Constellation (after EG HAJA MOLTER)

By positioning your family members within a space you can get answers to your own role in the family system and can change it. 

 Art, Dance and Music Therapy

Through arts, you can free your soul and express your inner desire, problem and solution. You can choose painting, expressive dance or music as a tool for self expression.

Psychoanalysis (after Jacques Lacan, Paris)

Arndt studied Psychoanalysis in Paris, please check his website for more information.

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