The Alohana Institute offers Holistic Personality Development in Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Potsdam as well as Hawaii & Sardinia.

Methods are therapy, coaching, hypnosis, Ego – State – Therapy, Soma, love coaching, systemic family constellation & psychoanalysis according to Lacan



Hypnosis is an efficient way to get answers to questions that are in our unconscious.

Sleep disorders, stress, burnout, as well as aggression and addictions can help hypnosis to regulate itself quickly and to bring about a change in one’s life.

In addition to working with trance and meditation for self-regulation, hypnosis is perfect to regulate the pain and psychosomatic discomfort itself.

The psyche can express itself with strong stress over the body and repeatedly produces psychosomatic complaints, when the cause is recognized in the program and careful consequences are taken, the pain can disappear.

The sessions can be in our practice in Berlin or in other places: like in Sardinia or Hawaii!

Skype sessions are also possible if you can not come to Berlin.

At the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg in Germany ( , my partner and I attended a Clinical Hypnosis training course by Dr. Gunther Schmidt. In addition, we also participated in advanced training in hypnotherapy by Brian Alman, Stephen Gilligan, Jeff Zeig (All four have themselves learned directly from the famous founder of modern hypnotherapy Milton H. Erickson.).

Ego State Therapy:

Ego – State – Therapy is a wonderful supplement to hypnosis. “Ego states” are our different parts, which act consciously and unconsciously in each one.

If we feel ambivalent or helpless, Ego State Therapy can be a wonderful way to strengthen our inner team and bring all our shares into a beneficial force.

My partner Arndt Himmelreich and I have been learning this state of the art psychotherapy method since 2005 by Dr. Woltemade Hartman ( und


Soma is a body therapeutical approach for treating clients, whose problems are due to traumatic experiences.

It is build on the basic principles of Somatic Experiencing (SE) by Peter Levine, the Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges, the structural integration by Ida Rolf (Rolfing) and the Theory of the Tonic Function- Movement- System by Hubert Godard. It was developed by the internationally educated SE – therapist Dr. Sonia Gomez and the Rolfing-trainer Marcelo Muniz.

Body Scan:


Experience the potential that is in you! Experience yourself consciously in resonance to your environment.

Learn methods through presence training to connect with old belief patterns to change it.

It can be learned via individual coaching and group seminars (also in Sardinia & Hawaii!).

You can learn how to perceive the body and energy fields, blockages & reading potentials.

I have worked with thie method with hundereds of clients for years. It helps just where it takes months or years to see the system of the family. It is interesting to see how we can change something by becoming aware of our unconscious programs.

In the power coaching you receive in our individual sessions the clarity in career and love!

See clearly & go new ways – be in resonance with me & the world.

Book now a journey of discovery to your inner treasures!

Psychoanalysis according to Lacan:

Arndt Himmelreich is happy to accompany you in your desire for psychoanalysis.

Alohana Body Work & Lomi Lomi Massage:

Susanne Rikus learned for many years at various Kahunas in Hawaii, the temple massage and for years in Germany.

She combines her knowledge of body with her connection to Hawaiian culture.

The body is the script and the giver is the dancer.

Much is stored in the body and can be read.

Love – Coaching:


Many singles have already found the right partner in a short time, after participated a coaching session with us in Germany, Sardinia or Hawaii.

There are some simple tools, which can bring clearity and openness.

Even though we sometimes think that we are open, unfortunately, an unconscious inner program can still work against it and thus hinder our success in love.

This can be detected and corrected in a short time.

Ego State Therapy with Body Scan is a very fast and efficient way to track down our inner patterns of behavior and correct them when they are no longer useful to us.


We accompany you in your life intention to introduce a new own consciousness for their clarity, social harmony and personal power.

It is important to us that you always remain independent and that our methods strengthen your self-control and self-confidence. Only you can heal and change yourself if you let it happen. We help you with tools to live your personal truth in your environment. You will get an additional competence that will accompany you in all areas of life. In Delphi, the Apollo temple says “Know thyself.” There are synergies between Plato, Huna and Freud.

We build bridges where aspects of our soul have been separated, because of pure logic without body awareness and spirituality, and become whole again. The knowledge opens up through the opening of our self to our soul. We create everything through our thinking and feeling, what depends on our believing patterns. Much of it works unrecognized in the unconscious, so it is important to go into this unknown in order to fathom and re-invent one’s personality. With trance and hypnosis we come to these areas where we have stored our programs and can correct these programs.

We can not change our past, but we can change the effects. This can be the way to your joy, happiness and peace, but you decide everything. We help you keep your focus and show you how to regulate yourself through trance and self-hypnosis.

“What we believe becomes true.”

“Do your body good, so that your soul feels like living in it.”

Teresa Von Avila, European mystic (1515-1582)

It is about the wholeness, the enjoyment of being and life. Eating delicious food, having breaks and doing exercise can help us in becoming more conscious. Hawaii and Sardinia, the islands with the powerful sea will pamper us with all the senses to do the soul good.

Since I (Susanne) lived and learned a lot in Hawaii I would like to introduce some treasures from Hawaii: Finding out our beliefs,which are like stones in our soul vessel and prevent our absorption of light, is a freedom and strengthens our self-control. We are 100% responsible for our lives. Something is written about it in “Tales of the night rainbow”.

“We are all born with the full power to do and be anything. All people decide for themselves what they are.

When people say that they only believe this or that, they set up blinders that hide the beauty and majesty of what they really are… children of the most high heirs of the universe. We can follow the angels, climb the peaks and live in paradise! “

by Kaili `ohe Kame`ekua, Hawaiian Kupuna Kahuna

Susanne Rikus, founder of the Alohana Institute

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